WhatsApp Plus Download Official And Latest Version 2021

Hello Guys, Welcome to gbappsco.net. In this article, we will provide the WhatsApp Plus Download link of Official WhatsApp Plus.

Also, We would love to teach you how to use WhatsApp plus Downloaded App. We will explain all the features in the app.

We are damn sure you going to love all of the cool features of the WhatsApp Plus Downloaded App from our website.

WhatsaApp Plus Download
WhatsApp Plus Download

WhatsApp Plus Download Official App

Nowadays, who doesn’t use massaging apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger or even Instagram to provide messaging features?

But do you know that we can get more extended features in these apps? Yeah, that’s correct we can get much more with such social media messaging apps.

But unfortunately, we can not provide the extended version of each app in this post but of course, we are surely going to provide WhatsApp Plus Download app link in this post.

Also, we have some more different articles on our website that contains a download link of each and every social media app with extended features. So, you can download each from our website portal.

let’s come to our topic WhatsApp Plus Download, Who doesn’t use WhatsApp? Almost Everyone who uses a Smartphone must have installed WhatsApp. They are using WhatsApp because possibly don’t know about they Can Download WhatsApp Plus and can get some more advanced features that can completely change their experience of using the WhatsApp Messaging App.

File NameWhatsApp Plus APK
VersionAlways Latest
Needed Android Version5+
Last UpdateToday
File Size50MB+
Download Count86 Million

Believe it or not but WhatsApp Plus is the most powerful version of the WhatsApp Messaging Mobile App. It is because WhatsApp Plus Download contains some amazing features that the official version of the app that exists on Google Playstore doesn’t contain. So, you don’t need the official app if you get more features in this extended version.

There are four most powerful versions of WhatApp that are –

  • WhatsApp Plus
  • OG WhatsApp
  • GB WhatsApp
  • FM WhatsApp

Each of these are available on our website. you can download whatever you want. Frankly, I can tell you, that WhatsApp Plus is the best among all of these.

Eventually, All of these apps have similar features but still, the interface of these apps can be different.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Free

Developers of WhatsApp Plus have invested their time and efforts in creating this amazing mobile messaging app but still, they provide it for free to download.

So, the question is ‘How do they make money?’ Let me tell you they don’t make any money from this app. This app is absolutely free to download and even they don’t ask for a nation. Maybe, it is their passion to create a modified version of the application.

What Is the official Website of WhatsApp Plus?

For the kind information, I will have to tell you that there is no any official site of WhatsApp Plus, It is because they keep changing the site domain name and also owners get changed frequently. So if you want to get WhatsApp Plus Download you can visit our website any time. because we always provide the latest and best version of the messaging app. Not just the latest but also secure and pure file.

WhatsApp Plus Download is very easy, You can download the file easily from our website. We have provided a download link as well as you can bookmark our site to visit again so that you can get the latest updates.

Why do you need WhatsApp Plus if you can use WhatsApp Official App?

You may have this question why do you need to download WhatsApp Plus if you already have installed WhatsApp official app from the Google Play store.

If I tell you tell you there are many reasons that can make you install WhatsApp Plus into your phone, would you believe?




Well, we don’t know your answer but yes we are so sure that if you get to know about the feature of the Plus version of the app you are going to love it.

In this article we will explore the feature of the app also that will help you to gain understanding about WhatsApp Plus.

Difference Between WhatsApp Official App and WhatsApp Plus-

WhatsApp plus
Download WhatsApp Plus

There are many differences between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Official App. Here Is the comparison-

WhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Allows Users To Hide OnlineIt Doesn’t Allow
Allows to Downloads Status Images/VideosWhatsApp Doesn’t Provide Such feature
Turn of Calling/Video CallingThere Is No Such Option
Hide View StatusN/A
Anti-Delete Message/Status FeatureN/A

These are just a few features that are in WhatsApp Plus Download. There are many more options and features that are integrated with the Plus version of the app but not in the official app.

So which one do you want to use? Well, if you can Download WhatsApp Plus APK from our website to get amazing and cool features.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Link

On the Internet there are several website which provides WhatsApp Plus Download link but only a few websites provide latest and updated version of the app.

Also, there are websites on the Internet that provide WhatsApp Plus with malicious and buggy codes which can be harmful to your mobile device.

Here, from our website you will get a pure and the most secure version of the WhatsApp Plus App. Not only this but also, you will get a lifetime update of the app.

Get the Official Version of The App From Our Website

So now it is time to get the app installed on your device. But How Can You Download It?

Well, here on our website there is a Download WhatsApp Plus APK button buy clicking on the button you will be able to download it.

From here, you will always get the latest version.

What Are The Other WhatsApp Modified Apps?

  • GBWhatsApp
  • YoWhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • AeroWhatsApp
  • OGWhatsApp

Which Modified Version Of WhatsApp You Should Use?

In Simpler words, It is always your choice. You can use any variant of the App. Not just one but you can try one after another for analysis.

Most people prefer WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. But also, other versions of WhatsApp are also equally popular and have almost similar features.

It is always up to you which WhatsApp Moded App you want to use.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus into your device?

Installing WhatsApp Plus Downloaded App is as simple as installing other apps using Google Playstore.

Download WhatsApp Plus and Install it Into Your Device-

  1. First Of All, Download WhatsApp Plus from our website.

    In order to Install WhatsApp Plus APK you need the downloaded file into your phone or any other android device. You can simple get it from our website.

  2. Backup your chats and data of WhatsApp official version.

    If you are already using WhatsApp official app then you can make backup of you chat or group data and can reuse in WhatsApp plus.

  3. Uninstall WhatsApp Official version from your device.

    If you have already Installed WhatsApp Official Version then you need to uninstall. But it is not necessary. You can use WhatsApp Plus and official WhatsApp in your device together at the same time.

  4. Install WhatsApp Plus APK.

    Now Install WhatsApp Plus APK you have downloaded from our website.

  5. Allow WhatsApp Plus APK to use Storage, Gallery, Mic and etc., needed hardware.

    WhatsApp Plus may want to use Storage, Gallery, Mic etc., hardware/software of your device, allow it to use the app with full working functions.

Can you use WhatsApp Plus Web?

Most of us, use WhatsApp web on our PC sometimes. But Can we use WhatsApp Plus App on the web platform??

The simple answer is No, you can not use WhatsApp Plus App features web version but when you try to access at you will be able to use the web version of the official app.

Can you use it in future?

No one knows about the future but yes we can predict always. In the future, you may or may not get the WhatsApp Plus web version.

WhatsApp Plus App Play Store Link

Do you want to download WhatsApp Plus from the Google Play store? But it is the sad truth that WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play Store.

WhatsApp plus app is not an official app but it is the copied app with extra features. In simple words, WhatsApp plus is modified version of WhatsApp so it doesn’t has any other link on Playstore but yes, you can always download WhatsApp from Playstore.

Click on the Install WhatsApp from Playstore button to get Installed WhatsApp into your device.

But if you want to download WhatsApp Plus the there is online one option to download it, and it is only our website.

WhatsApp Plus App Features and Settings

WhatsApp Plus is basically popular for its features and advanced settings. So, if you want to know much about WhatsApp Plus features and setting then read this section carefully.

  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing
  • Hide Recording
  • Who can call me customization
  • Anti-Delete messages
  • Show Blue Tick After Reply
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Delete Status

and many more..

Isn’t these features are the coolest features that WhatsApp Official Version Doesn’t contain?

Well, Millions of people from all over the world use WhatsApp Plus instead of the WhatsApp Official App. There is nothing bad in using WhatsApp Plus as long as it harms your device. But gratefully I can say WhatsApp plus Application does not harm our device anyhow.

How will you get an update of WhatsApp Plus?

Well, it is very important to keep apps on our phones up to date. So how will you receive an update of WhatsApp Plus if you don’t have installed it from Google Play Store?

Howsoever, it doesn’t matter from where you have downloaded WhatsApp Plus but you will still manage to get updates of the latest version.

When the latest version is released, you will receive a notification to update the WhatsApp Plus you have installed into your phone. So, you don’t need to worry about updates.

FAQ – Most Asked Question and Answers

Is WhatsApp Plus Legal?

As per my experience, I have been using WhatsApp Plus for a couple of years now. And In my experience, WhatsApp Plus is safe to use.

Can I download WhatsApp Plus from Play store?

No, you can not download WhatsApp plus from Playstore.

How does WhatsApp Plus make money?

WhatsApp Plus doesn’t make money at all. The developers of the app have not monetized it yet.

What is the official site of WhatsApp Plus?

You can always download the WhatsApp Plus Official app from our website.

Conclusion: In this article, you learned how to download and use WhatsApp Plus Messaging App. However, we have provided the official download link of WhatsApp plus apk. WhatsApp plus has much more features as compared to official WhatsApp and this is the reason people are opting for WhatsApp plus over WhatsApp Official App.