Why Should You Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Plus- Are you looking for WhatsApp Plus official app’s download link but you are unable to find it? Well, If so then you are at the right place now. after going through this article you will be able to download WhatsApp Plus apk latest version from the official website.

WhatsApp plus is basically one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods. More than 10 million people from all over the world use WhatsApp Mods Like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, or other modes.

Among all the mods WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are two of the most used apps.

Note you can also try: OG WhatsApp or FMWhatsapp.

Download WhatsApp Plus

Why Should you download WhatsApp plus apk latest version?

If you have been using WhatsApp official app for a long time and you feel there are many features that are missing in WhatsApp official app? We were personally using WhatsApp’s official app but It had a lack of features. So, we started to search for WhatsApp alternatives with loads of more features and functions and we found WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatapps.

These both are amazing apps, these app contain much-much more features than WhatsApp official app. So whey do we need to use if WhatsApp can not improve itself and provide more security options and features?

Let’s come to the point, Why do we need to use Whatsapp Plus?

As i told you WhatsApp official app is lack in features. Lets Compare these two apps.

WhatsAppWhatsApp Plus
You can Hide Last SeenYou can freeze Lat Seen
You can not save/download statusYou can download Status
You can not Hide a chatYou can Hide a chat
You can not lock a conversationYou can lock conversation
You can not see deleted StatusYou can see deleted status
You can not read deleted messagesYou can read deleted messages
You can not off Incoming callsYou can off Incoming calls

In the comparison table, you can see WhatsApp Plus is the ultimate winner. WhatsApp Plus has more powerful features that are not available in WhatsApp official application.

Creator of WhatsApp Plus

As you know WhatsApp official app is owned by Facebook Inc., but who is the creator of the WhatsApp Plus app? Is it the same or someone else?

Well, WhatsApp plus is not owned by Facebook Inc but AlexMods has created WhatApps plus.

As we told you there are many WhatsApp mods APKs are available today, but the only WhatsApp official app is being owned by Facebook Inc.

AlexMods who as created WhatsApp Plus has no copyright of WhatsApp plus and one is free to create WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp mods apk and distribute or share it all over the world.

How can you create an App like WhatsApp Plus?

This is the question Which is being asked by many people. Users wants to create their own WhatApp hahaha. Well, there is nothing bad in it you can also learn to create your own app like WhatsApp. But you need learn some skills.

  • UI Design
  • Android Studio
  • Coding

UI Design– UI Design means User Interface design. In order to create an app first of all you need to design its user interface. Here, User Interface is nothing but a medium of interaction between user and application.

In order to Design User Interface, you need to have knowledge of Graphics Design. There are many tools and software that are used to design user Interface like Adobe Illustrator.

Android Studio– Android Studio is nothing but computer software that is being used for creating Android Applications. In Android studio, you can write you program for the application, you can also compile and run the program over there.

Coding– In order to create an android application you need to know some programming languages like XML and Kotlin or Java as well as a Database management system like SQL or SQLite.

Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language which is being used for developing android application. You can learn Java or even App development through the Internet.

Top features In WhatsApp Plus

As we know whatsapp plus is popular because of its features. So, what are those features that attract people-

  • Hide Online Status
  • Contacts Privacy Settings
  • Group Privacy settings
  • Broadcasts Settings
  • Custome Privacy for Contacts
  • Who can call me setting
  • Disable Forwarded
  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • Show Blue Trick After Reply
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti delete Status
  • Security Settings

These are the top features in WhatsApp Plus Messaging app.

User Privacy-

Privacy is important to everyone but does WhatsApp plus protects users privacy? Well, it is hard to answer this question. WhatsApp plus doesn’t belong to a company or any organizations. The creator are no so popular, they never announce something or even do not come in front of Media.

So we can say if exactly Whatsapp Plus protects users’ privacy or not but even big apps are unable to protect user’s privacy so we should not easily trust such apps like WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp.

However, you can use such an app as a messaging app but we suggest you don’t share secret information over such apps.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

We have been using WhatsApp Plus in our phone for many years now. We never found any security threat in the app but we advice you if you have never use this app in your personal phone then first of all try it on your secondary phone if you have.

Millions of people all over the world using WhatsApp Plus and they also found the App is safe to use but always download WhatsApp Plus app which is created by any trusted developer.


In this article, we explained why should you use WhatsApp Plus and what are the features of the application. We also let you know why WhatsApp Plus is more powerful than official WhatsApp. We let you know if WhatsApp Plus is for your device and privacy. Our website is all about WhatsApp mods application, visit gbappsco.net in order to download WhatsApp Plus official application. If you have any suggestions or questions please let us know through the comment box.

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