GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsApp Download – Do you want to download GBWhatsApp APK? Well, if so then; In this article you are going to get GBWhatsApp APK file to download.

But before that, you need to know some interesting facts and feature of the application.

GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version For Android-

Who does not use WhatsApp Messenger App in 2021? But do you know that there are many versions of WhatsApp are available which contain some really important privacy features?

Well if you do not know about it then you should try WhatsApp Plus Download.

Also you can try any of these WhatsApp Mods Apps-

  • FM WhatsApp
  • OG WhatsApp

GbWhatsApp is so popular for the features that are available in it. And Also Downloading GBWhatsApp is as easy as Downloading WhatsApp official Application.


There is a difference that is you can not download GbWhatsApp APK from google playstore. Yes, GBWhatsApp is not available on Playstore but you can download it from Google. There are a hundreds of Websites on the internet that provide GBWhatsApp apk file to download.

How to download GBWhatsApp from Google?

Well, there are a number of website on google where you can find GBWhatsApp downloadable file. Also, you can download GbWhatsApp from our site.

We provider pure and original version of GBWhatsApp application. Download it from our website and save it into your phone memory. Once you have done doing this then Install the installable file that you have downloaded from our site.

You will easily find the file into the downloads folder of your phone memory.

How to Install GBWhatsApp into your mobile phone?

We have to say that there is no any other way to install GBWhatsApp into your mobile phone. But you can install it as you install other applications.

Here is the simple steps to install the app if you don’t know how to do it-

  • Download GBWhatsApp from our website.
  • Find it into your phone memory.
  • It will be available into the downloads folder.
  • Tap on the installable file.
  • Now click on Install Button.
  • The process will begin.
  • You don’t need to do anything rather than clicking on the Next-Next button for a few time.
  • Within a few second the GBWhatsApp will be installed into your device.

Creating Account

Here is how to create an account on GBWhatsApp-

Once you have installed the app into the phone then you will be asked to provide your mobile number. Just enter your phone number.

The GBWhatsapp will send you a verification message. In the verification message there will be a 4 or 6 digit of One Time Password.

Copy the OTP and open GBWhatsApp messenger and now you will be asked to enter it.

Enter you OTP into Download GBWhatsApp and the press the next button. Now you will be asked for setting a profile photo and your user name.

Now, simply upload your display photo and set your user name and press next button.

Now it will be rendering a welcome screen.

Download GBWhatsApp
Download GBWhatsApp

Now What You Need To Do?

Now the app has been download and Installed into your phone. All you need to do is use it.

You can now use as you use WhatsApp or WhatsApp business. But…. differently. Yes GBWhatsApp is going to change the complete experience of WhatsApp usage.

It combined or loaded with many interesting privacy settings.

In the terms of privacy GBWhatsApp is better than any other whatsapp versions unless it is not modified app.

So which one should you use?

Well, it is up to you.. you should download gbwhatsapp official app from our website if you want extra privacy features.

Why Do You Need To Use GBWhatsApp?

Why do you need GBWhatsApp? There are many reasons to download gbwhatsapp and use it-

  • GBWhatsApp has many-many extra features.
  • It has extra privacy settings.
  • It is easy to download from websites.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can send big size videos to other users & many more reasons.

The Amazing Features In GBWhatsApp-

Download GBWhatsApp is popular because of its features and settings. So here we are going to explain the all features and privacy settings in details.

You will be amazed to know about the best features in GBWhatsApp-

GBWhatsApp Features & Privacy Settings

Privacy & Security Settings

GBWhatsApp has privacy and security setting. As it name suggest you can change Privacy and Security settings in GBWhatsapp

Here, we would like to explain in detailed what are privacy settings in GBWhatsapp.

GbWhatsapp Features
  • Hide Online Status
  • Contact Privacy
  • Group Privacy
  • Broadcast Privacy
  • Custom Privacy
  • Who Can Call Me Setting
  • Chat Privacy

Hide Online Status-

Do you to use GBWhatsApp but don’t want to let the people know that when you are Online?

If So, Then GbWhatsApp is definitely for you.

WhatsApp is the product of Facebook. And Facebook allows its messenger and web facebook users to Hide Online Status.

In WhatsApp there is also hide you last seen option.

Then you would think what’s new ‘you can hide your last seen in WhatsApp also’ then why to use GBWhatsapp?

Well Bro, As I told you that there are some really cool and extra features in it. and that is true.

When you use WhatsApp then you can easily hide your last seen. But the people get to know that you have hidden it.

While when you use GBWhatsApp you will be able to freeze Last seen. Isn’t it a cool feature for you?

Using this app you will be able to hind the last seen surely but also the other people will not get to know that you have hidden.

This just one of the cool features, be with us to know all other.

Contact Privacy In Downloaded GBWhatsapp From Our Website-

Well-Well you can also set up privacy for your Contacts. So, What are those privacy features?

Here it is-

Hide Blue Ticks

Using this GBWhatsapp Version you can hide Blue Ticks. Well, What is this blue ticks?

Blue ticks are kind of symbols that are shown to the user who has send you a whatsapp message and you have seen that particular message.

Sometimes, you may not want to answer to any WhatsApp message due to any circumstances however you have seen it. The person who has sent that message may think that you are ignoring him or her. But when you are using GBWhatsapp you can hide the blue ticks.

Hide Second Tick

After the download of GBWhatsapp you can hide second tick. What is the second tick? Well, It the kind of status of your message. Once your message gets delivered to the end user. The you will get two ticks below your message.

If you are a receiver and you use GBWhatsApp then you will be able to hide second tick.

So download GBWhatsApp Plus apk from our website to use Hide Second Tick in WhatsApp feature.

Hide Blue Microphone-

When someone sends you a voice chat, then when it gets delivered to your phone and you listen to it.

Then to sender it shows Blue Microphone.

If you want the sender don’t get to know that you have listen to the audio note then you can hide blue microphone using this application.

Hiding Blue Microphone could be beneficial in many cases. Like, you are in hurry and you are able to listen to the audio note but you can not reply to the message.

Hide Typing

Do you know that you can hide typing status. It would be magical for your friends. When you talk to someone on whatsapp messenger when you write something to send it to your friend It show “Typing…” status.

You can easily hide this typing status for your friends using GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or other variant of WhatsApps.

So why are you waiting for just Download GBWhatsApp now and give it a try..

Hide Recording in download GBWhatsApp-

When we are having a voice chat with someone when we record voice to send to the our friend it shows “Recording…” Status.

If you don’t want to show this recording status to your mate then you can easily hide it if you are a GBWhatsApp user.

Such kind of features are not available on Official version of the application. This is the reason people are not using official version of the application.

Other Features In GBWhatsApp

As you can see there are numbers of privacy features in GBWhatsApp but that not complete. Despite having so many privacy feature there are also so many amazing features in the application.

Lets have a look on some amazing features of GBWhatsaap.

  • Download Image or Video Status using GBWhatsapp- Many time our friends share some short of great WhatsApp status. We have to ask them to send it to us because it looks great. But if you are using GBWhatsApp then you don’t need to ask anybody to send you the status video or Image but you can download the status in just a click.
  • Hide Status View – Sometimes; because of our ego problem we want to see someone’s status but don’t want to let him/her know that you we have seen it. In such a case download GBWhatsApp is best. There is privacy feature if we turn it one then we would be see the status of bodies without letting them know that we have seen it.
  • Blocking All Video Call – There is the big bad thing about WhatsApp, it is that any one can make you video call anytime without your permission. You can stop people from making video calls to you. Isn’t it a good feature in GBWhatsApp? There is a “Who can call me?” feature in GBWhatsapp if you set it no onef then you will be able to stop people calling you.
  • Block Audio Call – Just like video calls you can control audio calls also. So, if you are some who don’t want to get WhatsApp calls any more then you should definitely try this amazing application.
  • Hiding Chats – You can hide your secret chat using this amazing moded version of GBWhatsapp. If you chat with someone and you don’t want to let it know someone who also uses your phone then this feature is beneficial for you. You don’t need to delete you conversion to hide it but there is in built feature that is very helpful.

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