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On this website you will able to download OG WhatsApp Latest Version. Well before you download OGWhatsapp you should know all about the OG WhatsApp messaging app.

OG WhatsApp Latest Version is an alternative to WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp WhatsApp Plus. OG WhatsApp is basically a modified version of WhatsApp. Who doesn’t know about WhatsApp, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. When you buy a Smart Phone you get WhatsApp pre-installed on the phone.

WhatsApp official app lacs in features so the developer from all over the world try to modify the application and integrate more advanced features in it.

There are so many moded WhatsApp versions are available on the Internet. However, some are popular some are unknow. But among all, OG Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp Plus and FM Whatsapp are the most popular apps.

Download OG Whatsapp Latest Version

If you are trying to find OGWhatsApp and unable to find an authentic website from where you can download it then your search for OG Whatsapp ends here. You can download OGWhatsapp from our website easily

OG WhatsApp is not available on google play store so if you have tired of searching over playstore but still you can’t find it then you should download OGWhatsapp official app from our website. Downloading OG Whatsapp from our website is safe.

Our website is all about messaging mobile applications you can try more WhatsApp modified versions after downloading from our website.

But still, we would like to tell you that we are not the creator of any WhatsApp modified version. We find it from the creators and let our visitors download the apps.


You can download GBWhatsApp latest version from here This the homepage URL of our website where you can download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version or FMWhatsApp along with GB WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp.

Why should you Download OG WhatsApp?

Most people download OG WhatsApp for its features. OG WhatsApp has a bunch of advanced features that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp messenger so you should download OG WhatsApp only if you want to get WhatsApp with additional features.

As we already told you that WhatsApp lacks in feature so if you want to get extra features then you should of course try OG WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp either.

OG Whatsapp is popular for its features. So, let me explain it’s features and settings.

Features in OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp can be a good alternative to GB WhatsApp. The features in GB Whatsapp and OG WhatsApp are almost the same. Also, the names of these two apps are almost similar.

OG WhatsApp Features

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Double Ticks
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Disable Incoming calls
  • AirPlane Mood
  • Hide Chats
  • Lock Chats
  • Change WhatsApp Themes
  • Disable Forwarded
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Delete Message
  • Anti Delete Status

These are a few features that are available on OG WhatsApp but if you try to find these features in official WhatsApp you can find them.

Hide Online Status

In WhatsApp official version you can Hide Last Seen, but when you come online your contact can see that your are online. But if you use OG WhatsApp you can Hide Online Status Also. OG WhatsApp allow its users to freeze last seen instead of hiding last seen.

So, when you freeze last seen on OG WhatsApp then your friends will be able to your last seen. But last seen of you device will we shown the time you freezed your last seen.

But keep in mind when you hide your online status you will also not be able to check when your contacts were online.

The best thing about Freezing last seen; you can remove it from freeze any moment.

Hide Double Ticks

You someone sends you a whatsapp message and it gets delivered to you then whatsapp notifies them by shown them double ticks

For privacy reasons you may want to hide double ticks. You can hide double ticks if you are using OG Whatsapp. The Modified versions WhatsApp allows you to hide double ticks. No matter which moded whatsapp are you using but you will be able to hide it.

Hide Blue Tick

What is blue tick? Well, when you get message from someone and you open it then it counted as seen message. In WhatsApp official app there is no any option to hide this blue tick but when you use any other modified WhatsApp version including OG WhatsApp you will be able to hide blue tick also.

Disable Incoming Calls in Download OG WhatsApp

If you have been using WhatsApp sometimes you may have felt there could be disable calling option. Any can make you call any time on your whatsapp if your are connected to the internet.

But if you use OG Whatsapp you will get a privacy feature to stop getting calls from your contacts.

In simple words, you can be online on WhatsApp and at the same time you can stop people calling you.

Not just audio call but also you can stop people making you Video Calls on your WhatsApp number. So, Why are you waiting for just download OG WhatsApp and Stop People calling you.

AirPlane Mood

In OG WhatsApp there is feature, you can disconnect your data from OG WhatsApp while your data is connected to your device. Airplan mood allows you to disable data for your OGWhatsApp application. This function could be helpful to those who gets lots of message and calls on WhatsApp while their data is connected but due to any reason they can not turn their data off.

Hide Chats & Lock Chats

If you have secret chats in your WhatsApp and you want do either Hide or Lock it then you should definitely download OG WhatsApp. OG Whatsapp allows it users to Hide any single or multiple chats. No one can find this hidden chat other the owner of the mobile. Even there is Lock Chat feature in OG WhatsApp, you can lock any chat with PIN, Pattern or your Finger.

Change WhatsApp Themes

OG Whatspp comes with a bunch of themes. OG WhatsApp can change the application’s look completely. When you change Theme of OG WhatsApp then the font style and font size also get changed and it gives a very attractive look.

Disable Forwarded

In WhatsApp official application when you forward a received message to other users then It shows them it is a forwarded message. If you don’t want let them know it is a forwarded message the download og whatsapp from our website and install it right now.

Hide View Status

When you open someone’s status then they get to know that you have seen their status. If you want it to keep secret then you should try OG WhatsApp.

Anti-Delete Message & Anti Delete Status

In OG WhatsApp there is Anti-Delete message and Anti Delete Status enabling option. Once you enable Anti Delete Status or Anti Delete Message option then if someone delete their status or sent message then still you will able to view their status or message. Isn’t it a great feature?

Try It.

You can Download OG WhatsApp from here-

Download OG WhatsApp


OG WhatsApp is one of the best modified WhatsApp versions. As you know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Inc but the owner of OGWhatsApp is someone else it has no connection with Facebook. If you want to try OG WhatsApp then try it at your own risk we don’t suggest someone use WhatsApp’s modified versions. We don’t know about OG WhatsApp’s user safety.

However, OG Whatsapp is used by millions of people all over the world. People love to use Moded version of WhatsApp application because such versions provide some powerful feature which is not available in Official WhatsApp messenger. Well, Whatsoever but you can download OGWhatsApp from our website or any other website.

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